Summer Dance

Mark Owen



Verse One
Petra listens in the Spring
For the song birds returning
From their winter overstay
In the islands far away.

Verse Two
Sunbeams wake the sleeping year.
Buds break out and blooms appear.
Young leaves rustle in the breeze.
Warm air sings the sound of bees.

Chorus One
Petra longs to dance again
Now that winter's chill is done;
Dance again in ruby rays
Of the setting summer sun.

Verse - Instrumental.

Verse Three
Petra takes each step with care,
Lightly tripping through the air.
Marking out the sacred line
Of a dance in four beat time.

Chorus Two
Petra dances gracefully
In the setting summer sun;
Dances in the golden rays
Of the setting summer sun.

Verse Four
Now the birds are leaving her
For their distant winter home.
Petra longs to dance and run
In the setting summer sun.