The Mul Mantra

Mark Owen

A new English language version.


The Mul Mantra tells us that "God is one", encompassing the whole universe including humanity. The message originates from Guru Nanak who lived in the 14th century in the Punjab at a time of great religious onflict and repression. He was a revolutionary who challenged the rigid orthodoxies by explaining that rather than being preoccupied with ritual or dogma, all that matters is living a tolerant, compassionate life devoted to God. The Sikh religion was subsequently founded on his teachings. The Mul Mantra, which summarises Guru Nakak's message, is the first section of the Sikh Jap Ji prayer and in recent years continues to be sung to encourage tolerance and understanding across religious groups in India and the rest of the World.


God is one,
Creating us, protecting us and guiding us.

Always here,
Blessing us with the guru's endless grace.

He is true,
True today, true to us throughout time.

Guru Nanak said:
God is one.

Guru Nanak said:
God is one.