Aura Lee

Mark Owen


The Story

A popular song from the American Civil War updated with new modern lyrics portraying Aura Lee at the centre of corporate mayhem after a sharemarket crash.


Verse 01

Once I sought an employee
For my Wall Street company.
Fickle fortune favoured me
When I employed Aura Lee.

Chorus 01

Aura Lee, Aura Lee,
Maid with business flair.
Income came on stream with thee
And Profits for my shares.

Verse 02

Although profits were but few
Suddenly they bloomed and grew
amazingly and certainly
because of Aura Lee.

Repeat Chorus 01

Verse 03
Aura moved away from me
And  I shed a tear to see
The failure of my company
From the loss of Aura Lee.

Repeat Chorus 01

Verse 04

A cruel takeover spree
Turned me into history.
Now I am an employee
Of CEO Aura Lee.

Chorus 02

Aura Lee Aura Lee,
I'm your loyal employee.
Look upon me favourably
As you review my salary.